The lead manager on vision mobile is a simplified version of what’s on your desktop version.

Step 1: - Log-in to Vision on your Mobile Device

  • You will automatically be directed to the Mobile Vision when you ever try to access it on a Mobile Device

Step 2: - Locate the Menu

  • Navigate to the Menu icon in the upper left hand corner of your mobile device
  • Select Leads from your Menu List

Step 3: - Lead Manager

  • Here you have all of your leads, just scroll to see more.
  • If you want to filter down your list, you can do that by clicking the filter button located at the top of this page.
  • Once inside of the filter you can filter based on name, last visit date or the lead status. Click filter to see the leads, clear will remove the filter.
  • Now that you know how to filter, lets take a look at a lead card. Clicking on a lead will show you more details about that lead like, how many messages they have read, how many you’ve sent to them and what their average price is.
  • At the bottom you can click visit profile to go directly to their profile.
When working your leads this is a great way to focus your attention on a particular type of Lead:
-Signal User (A Lead who has signaled they are searching for a home in the IDX property search)
-Social User (A Lead who has sent, read, or replied to a message using your website on a more Social level)
-Profiled User (A Lead who has registered and completed a Profile providing their name, phone number, and e-mail address)