Checking notifications on Vision Mobile is really easy.

Step 1: - Log-in to Vision on your Mobile Device

  • You will automatically be directed to the Mobile Vision when you ever try to access it on a Mobile Device

Step 2: - Locate the Menu Button

  • Located in the upper left side of the page is the Menu button
  • This will open your Mobile Control Panel's Menu
  • Navigate to settings

Step 3: - Setup your Notifications

  • Now you’ll see all of the different options that you can set for SMS notifications.
  • Once you see one that you’d like just click the toggle on the right to turn it on.
  • Some settings even allow you to set a threshold for how many actions it takes to generate a notification
  • If you want to remove a notification type, just turn the toggle off.
  • When you’re done adding or removing, just scroll to the bottom and hit save. It’s that simple.
When you receive one of these text messages, that means you have a customer logged onto your website at that very moment. Messages are sent out seconds after the action occurs. So be sure to log into Vision and interact with them LIVE.
-Be sure to contact Customer Service at (877) 873-9657 Option #1 to ensure that we have your cell phone on file so that we know where to send the text messages