Notifications are incredibly helpful and will help you to engage your leads in real-time.
The notifications are extensive, you can be notified the second that a lead asks a question, reads a message that you’ve sent, if anyone new registers, once a lead views a certain number of listings or performs a certain number of searches. You can even be notified that someone has replied to your message, viewed open house information, printed a listing flyer or if they’ve shared a listings on a social network. Maybe you want to know when a lead has visited your site more than a certain number of times or if they’ve viewed the same listing a certain number of times. You can even be notified if someone moves from a signal user to a social user, or if they save a search or a listing.

It’s extremely easy to set up,

Step 1: Open Settings

  • Click on Settings to View your settings options

Step 3: Add / Remove SMS Notifications

  • Click on the Notifications Tab
  • You just have to click the “Enable” button on the notification types that you want to receive
  • Then hit save changes once you’re complete.
  • If you decide that you want to remove any specific notifications that you have already turned on, just uncheck the enable button and hit save changes again.

And you’re done - messages are on your way.

When you receive one of these text messages, that means you have a customer logged onto your website at that very moment. Messages are sent out seconds after the action occurs. So be sure to log into Vision and interact with them LIVE.
Be sure to contact Customer Service at (877) 873-9657 Option #1 to ensure that we have your cell phone on file so that we know where to send the text messages
Standard data fees and text messaging rates may apply based on your carrier plan. You may opt out of text delivery at any time by removing any SMS options above. Vision does not charge you for your text messages but if you exceed the number of text messages on your cell phone plan you may. So choose carefully when setting up SMS/Text Message Notifications. If you have unlimited texting on your cell plan then go crazy and turn them all on!