Components contain content on your website that tends to repeat throughout your website and does not fit into the standard body of a page within your website. Much of the landing, welcome, or home page of your website are primarily filled with Components. Editing these Components is simple and easy.

The kinds of things that Typically fall into a Component.

  • Header Logo
  • Social Media Icons
  • Slideshow Images
  • Header of your website
  • Footer of your Website
  • Call to Actions on your Website
  • Quick Search on your website
  • Featured Properties on your website
  • Community sliders on your website
  • Testimonial Sliders on your website
  • And more.

Lets get Started with updating a component!

Step 1: Edit Website

  • Click on Website in the left hand navigation to open your Website for editing
  • This will open your site and add a white bar across the top of your website with tools you can use to easily edit your website.
  • Select the "Manage Components" button to open the component pop-up

Step 2: Edit your Component*

  • Select the component you wish to edit
  • Click on the Red Edit button in the lower right corner of the component pop-up
  • This will open the content in the component along with an edit toolbar to assist you in making changes to the component.
  • Click Save and your done. Once your website refreshes the page you will see the change has been made

Warning! You do not want to rename the component name. Changing the name of a component will cause it to cease to function

Some components rely on HTML to edit them. If you ever run into one of these and still wish to make a change. Contact Customer Service at (877) 873-9657 Option #1