Adding and Creating a new page for your website is simpler than you may think.

Lets get Started!

Step 1: Edit Website

  • Click on Website in the left hand navigation to open your Website for editing
  • This will open your site and add a white bar across the top of your website with tools you can use to easily edit your website.

Step 2: Create a Page

  • Click on "Manage Pages" in the upper right hand corner. This will display a pop-up where you can manage the pages on your website
  • Select "Create New Page" to add a page on your website. This will add a new page called "untitled"

Step 3: Page Settings

Select "Settings" to the right of the new page you just created. This will open a window where you can:

  • Page Title - The Name of your page
  • Link Title - How you want your page to display in the navigation of your website
  • Page Link - How you want your page name to be in the URL after the domain name for your website.
  • Meta Keywords - Fill out as many keywords or phrases you want to associate with the page you are creating. This helps with your website's SEO or Search Engine Optimization Vale
  • Meta Description - This is a short 2 line description of the page you are creating.
  • You can even select if you want your page to display in the navigation or not.
  • Click the "Save" Button
  • WAIT YOU ARE NOT DONE YET - Click "Save Changes" to full save the creation of your new page or Proceed to Step 5 an optional step if you want to change the placement of your page in the sort order

Step 4: Set your Page Order

Now once you have named your new page you can choose where it will display on your website.

  • with your mouse click the left button over the page name and hold it down.
  • You can drag the page to change it's order in the navigation.
  • You can even place it below another page to create a drop down in your navigation
  • Click "Save Changes
-Try not to overwhelm your website's navigation with too many pages.