Controlling how your Leads are routed to your Agent Seats is simple!

There are three ways you can route your leads

  • Manual - All Leads go to the Broker and they can Manually route the leads in the Lead Manager
  • Round Robin - This is an even distribution of leads. With the first agent seat getting the first lead, the second getting the second lead, all the way down. When you reach the bottom of your list of agent seats it starts over with the first agent. This is a great way to ensure that all the Agent's in your office get an equal number of leads.
  • Filter - Filter based lead routing allows you to set a specific criteria a lead must meet to go to a particular agent. This is a great way to assign leads to your User Seat who specializes in Commercial Listings, Rental Properties, Luxury Real Estate, or who operates in an individual neighborhood.

Step 1: Open Settings

  • Click on Settings to View your settings option

Step 2: Lead Routing

  • Select the "Lead Routing" tab at the top of your Settings Page
  • Use the drop down to choose your Lead Routing Option
  • Click "Update" to save. It is that simple!
If you set your Lead Routing up to filter be sure you go into your User Seat and setup a filter for your Agents to receive leads by. You can filter by City, Zip Code, Sub Division, Property Type, or Price Range.