The auto message is what every lead will see when they go to your search for the first time. It welcomes and greets then showing them that they can communicate with you to get the best Real Estate Advice. As every Real Estate Agent is different we wanted to allow you to be able to customize this message making it a personal greeting.

It's simple!

Step 1: Open Settings

    • Click on Settings to View your settings options

Step 2: Change your Auto Welcome Message

    • Select the Auto Message tab
    • Just click into the text area and type.
    • Add whatever message you’d like.
    • Hit save to finalize the message.
Note: You can always return to the default message if you’d like by clicking this button.

Consider personalizing your greeting. When writing your new message, think about:
-What message do I want to convey
-What Call to Action do I want to express
-How can convince them to stick around and keep using my website
-Remember to always keep it short and simple