When we built Vision, one of our main goals was to give consumers a better search experience. It was designed to let people search freely and ask questions when they were comfortable and ready. It was designed to allow you as a realtor to reach out and offer help and suggestions. It’s about being personable and not forcing people to give you their email address and phone number in order to view a couple of properties.

That being said, some people want to set it up Forced Registration as they believe deeply in it.

As with Vision you have a communication portal to build rapport with all Leads including Anonymous Leads, we don’t recommend using it.

But if you choose to use it, it’s really easy to set up.

Step 1: Open Settings

    • Click on Settings to View your settings options

Step 2: Setting up Forced Registration

    • Select the Forced Registration Tab along the top of your screen. This will pull up your options where you can click on the drop down to setup what you want to base the Forced Registration rule on.

Your options include:

    • On search start, this means when the lead hits the search, they will be forced to register before they can see any results.
    • Number of Results viewed, this means how many listings they can see in the search before they must register. Choosing this option will require you to set the count number below.
    • Last option is number of detailed listing views, this is how many listings they can click on and view before being forced to register. Choosing this option will require you to set the count number below.
    • Once you have selected your options, click the “update” button for the settings to be applied to your account.

While we do not recommend turning on Forced Registration as it may turn some potential Clients away. It is a great way to run your business if you do not intend to use the communication features of Vision or if you are not able to successfully convert leads to Profiled Users Please Note that studies show that a large amount of the general public do not like being forced to Register and it may cause them to go elsewhere and find another website to search for homes online.