The intelligence profile is the central view of a single lead. It displays all of the actives that your lead has ever done. You can view all of the searches that they’ve performed, the listings that they’ve seen and the conversations that you’ve shared with them. It’s much more than just a view into your lead, it’s your gateway into their desires.

Step 1: Open a Lead's Profile

  • Locate leads in which you wish to communicate with
  • Click on a Lead's Name in Vision
  • Search for a Lead
  • Click on the Lead Name to Open the Profile

Step 2: - Use the Profile to Grow your Business

From the Profile you can:

  • Store your Lead's Contact Information
  • View what homes your Lead is looking at
  • See what Searches they are performing
  • Send Messages and communicate with your Lead developing them into a Client. Even send messages to them while they are not yet registered and remain Anonymous.
  • Add Private Notes into the Profile just like you would write notes in your Real Estate Folder
  • Upload Files into the Profile (Example: Listing Contracts, Representations Agreements, Property Disclosures, Inspection Reports, or Purchase Agreements)
  • Set Reminder Tasks (Example: Appointment Reminders, Birthday Reminders, Action Reminders) that can both e-mail and text you the reminder
  • Make Listing Recommendations to your Lead
  • You can even sort by Activity Type to make it easier to locate a particular activity your Lead has made
-Think of the Profile as your Digital Real Estate Folder
-It is sorted by timeline with the newest activity towards the top and older activity toward the bottom
-You can use this profile to get a full understanding of who they are, sometimes without even knowing their name.
-Inside of this profile you even have CRM functionalities that will allow you to add tasks, attach files and add notes about the lead.