Communicating to a lead is easy inside of the profile.

Step 1: Open the Profile

  • Locate leads in which you wish to communicate with
  • Click on a Lead's Name in Vision
  • Search for a Lead
  • Click on the Lead Name to Open the Profile

Step 2: - Send a Message

  • Find an activity post that is interesting to you
  • click into the text area below the post that says “Send a message about this activity..”
  • Now add your message.
  • Hit post

-The messages that are received by the lead include context. That means if you’re messaging them about a listing, it will automatically include an image and basic listing details to them.
-Think about what kind of message or action you wish your Lead to take and be sure to include that in the message. (Example: "Don't Forget to Ask me a question.")
-Offer up some Real Estate Advice to Build Rapport
-Try an ice breaker if this is your first message
-Try selling your Location, Location, Location, by telling your Lead about local events near the home selling the lifestyle of living there.