The stream is the central hub of Vision. It’s where you can go to see all of your leads activities in real-time.

  • Listings Viewed
  • Searches Performed
  • Communications Sent

Step 1: - Locate the STREAM

  • When you first log in you will immediately be taken to the STREAM Page
  • If you are on another page within Vision simply click on STREAM in the Navigation to always be taken back to the STREAM

Step 2: - Communicate with your Lead

  • Once you have found an activity you want to respond to simply type your message
  • To send your message is as simple as clicking post
  • Your Lead will receive your message while they are actively searching for homes on your website

-The Stream is an important place to go when you are looking to work your Leads

-Remember that your STREAM is sorted with the newest activity on the top and the older activity towards the bottom of the page. So always look at the newest activity. If that activity occurred within the past few minutes the chances are your Lead is actively on your website now. This is a great opportunity to build your relationship with them.