Step 1: - Locate the Notifications

There are 3 main notification types inside of vision

  • Leads
  • Messages
  • Recommendations

Step 2: - Work the Notification


  • Clicking this icon will bring up a drop down that will show you all of your newly registered leads.
  • These people are your “profiled leads”, they are people that have given you additional information about who they are and how to contact them outside of vision.
  • Clicking the arrow to the right will bring you directly to that leads profile.
IF you want to see all of your leads at once you can click the link at the bottom of this drop down.


  • Clicking the messages icon will display a drop down of the most recent communications from your leads.
  • Click the arrow on the right to drill down into that leads communications to you inside the lead's profile.
  • From here you can respond to your lead's communications
When interacting with a Lead for the first time try not to be too aggressive. Think of ways to break the ice and start a conversation with your new Lead. By providing excellent Real Estate ADVICE you will find you can easily build rapport with your Leads, quickly turning them into Clients


  • This area is populated using sophisticated algorithms to figure out what leads are truly looking for. Vision scours each leads profile to figure out what listings they are viewing, what searches they are performing.
  • We then calculate all of the information to determine which Listing to recommend to your Lead
  • Click the arrow on the right to view the recommendation.
  • Once you get there you’ll have the option to accept or deny.
-This entire area should be monitored regularly as it’s the central hub for important activities
-When you are logged into your control panel looking to work your leads viewing the Vision Notifications is your first step towards success
-When there is something new it will populate with a numbered red balloon, click the icon and it will show you the new notifications.