Over the years you will gain and loose agents who work at your office. Having the ability to re-assign a lead from one agent who has left the office or from one who is not working the lead is important.

Step 1: Open Lead Manager

  • Click on Leads to open the Lead Manager

Step 2: Change and Re-Assign the Ownership of your Lead

  • To change the owner of a lead just locate the Contact Owner Details column.
  • Then change the name inside of the drop down to the user seat that you would like to be the new owner of the lead.
  • Once you do this the previous user seat will loose access and the new seat will gain access.
If you ever had an agent leave your office and you need to re-assign all of their leads try Filtering the list first to display only Leads assigned to that Agent. This way you can quickly and easily locate and re-assign all of the leads they have worked in the past