As an experienced Real Estate Professional you have spent years creating, developing, and building a large customer base. Adding a Lead from your existing base or one that you gain outside of your website couldn't be easier with Vision!

Step 1: Open Lead Manager

    • Click on Leads to open the Lead Manager

Step 2: Add your Lead

    • Just click the “add a lead” button located at the top of the lead manger.
    • Now you just have to enter in the following information First Name Last Name Email Address Password - this is for the lead to log in with
    • Then we just have to confirm the password.
    • If that’s all you want to add you can just hit register, this will send the lead an email with the username and password to your site and add them as a profiled user in your account. If you have additional information that you wanted to add like phone or mailing address you can add that here.

-Be sure to contact your newly entered Lead and send them a personal invite to come check out your website.
-Be sure to provide them with their Username (E-mail Address) and the password you assigned them. This way they can log into your new website when they visit and all of their activity will be tracked in their Lead Profile
-To Mass import several leads consider the Bulk Lead Import option