In the Lead Manager you can Filter your list of Leads making it easy to locate a particular type of lead.

You can filter the following columns:

Agent Accounts

  • Stage,
  • Contact Details
  • Last Visit

Enterprise Accounts

  • Stage,
  • Contact Details
  • Last Visit
  • Contact Owner (Which Agent Seat is owner of the Lead)

Step 1: Open Lead Manager

    • Click on Leads to open the Lead Manager

Step 2: Filter your Leads

    • You can filter columns by clicking on the Funnel Icon
    • Here you have options on how you’d like to filter the search. This filter will save once you hit the filter button.
    • To clear the filter simply re-open the filter drop down and select clear.
When working your leads this is a great way to focus your attention on a particular type of Lead:
-Signal User (A Lead who has signaled they are searching for a home in the IDX property search)
-Social User (A Lead who has sent, read, or replied to a message using your website on a more Social level)
-Profiled User (A Lead who has registered and completed a Profile providing their name, phone number, and e-mail address)