So you want to De-clutter your lead pool - great it’s really easy inside of the lead manger.

Step 1: Open Lead Manager

    • Click on Leads to open the Lead Manager

Step 2: Archive your Leads

    • First select the leads that you want to remove using the checkbox on the left hand side.
    • Now that you’ve selected the leads you’d like removed, simply hit the Archive button in the header of the lead manager.
    • This will return a prompt making sure that you want to archive the leads.
    • Select accept and you’re done.
-You can Bulk Archive your leads by clicking on multiple checkboxes at a time prior to selecting the Archive button
-Remember Archiving a lead is not exactly like deleting them, you will be notified if that lead becomes active again as we don’t want to loose active leads. Archiving simply removes them from view until they become active.