Over time a leads profile will start to fill in with lots of useful information about their experience with your search. It will show their search habits and all of the listings they have viewed, messaged about or even shared socially. It’s a full look into what this lead has done. We’ve made it easy for you to sort through all of this information

You can sort by:

  • My Activity
  • Viewed Listings
  • Performed Searches
  • Communications
  • Recommendations
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Attachments

Step 1: Open the Profile

  • Locate leads in which you wish to communicate with
  • Click on a Lead's Name in Vision
  • Search for a Lead
  • Click on the Lead Name to Open the Profile

Step 2: - Filter the Activity

  • Click the filter drop down that by default says “All activity
  • Select the option you wish to filter by
-To see all of the things that you’ve done for this lead click my activity.
-If you want to see all of the listings that a lead has looked at viewed listings is what you want to click on.
-If you’re trying to figure out what the lead has been searching for, click performed searches.
-Looking to see all of your communications? Click communications.
-Recommendations will show you all of the recommendations that you have made or that you can make.
-If you’re looking for the CRM functionalities, you can look at your notes, tasks and all of your attachments by clicking the appropriate filter.