Adding attachments to a lead’s profile is something that we found to be vital. We know it’s important to keep track your:

  • Property Disclosures,
  • Representation Contracts,
  • Purchase Agreements,
  • inspection reports,
  • settlement statements.
  • Property photographs
  • Anything you want to include in your file

With this area of the profile, you’re able to upload nearly any kind of files like:

  • pdf's,
  • word docs,
  • spreadsheets.

Step 1: Open the Profile

  • Locate leads in which you wish to communicate with
  • Click on a Lead's Name in Vision
  • Search for a Lead
  • Click on the Lead Name to Open the Profile

Step 2: Upload an Attachment

  • Click on the select files button,
  • this brings up the computer's file browser. Now we just have to locate the file, then double click on the file we want to upload.
  • Once it’s uploaded, You just have to click post to pair it with the lead.
Think of uploading all of your Attachments inside of your Real Estate Folder about your Transaction. Now you have a complete Digital Record for your Real Estate Transaction, which is helpful as you often have to maintain your Real Estate files for a number of years once the transaction is done. Just be sure that your State allows digital records before you try discarding your paper files