Adding and Creating a new page for your website is simpler than you may think.

Lets get Started!

Step 1: Edit Website

  • Click on Website in the left hand navigation to open your Website for editing
  • This will open your site and add a dark grey bar across the top of your website with tools you can use to easily edit your website.

Step 2: Create a Page

  • Click on "Manage Pages" in the upper right hand corner. This will display a pop-up where you can manage the pages on your website
  • Select "Create New Page" to add a page on your website. This will add a new page called untitled

Step 3: Page Settings

Select "Settings" to the right of the new page you just created. This will open a window where you can:

  • Page Title - The Name of your page
  • Navigation Title - How you want your page to display in the navigation of your website
  • Page URL - This will auto generate for you based on your Page Title. You can always overwrite the Page URL by clicking on the check box. Please note if you overwrite the page URL be sure to always put a dash "-" between all of your words. Do not leave spaces or special characters in your URL
  • SEO Page Description - This is a short 2 line description of the page you are creating. Do not add punctuation or it will display your content as invalid
  • You can even select if you want your page to display in the navigation or not.
  • Click the "Save" Button
  • WAIT YOU ARE NOT DONE YET - Click "Save Changes" to full save the creation of your new page or Proceed to Step 5 an optional step if you want to change the placement of your page in the sort order

Step 4: Set your Page Order

Now once you have named your new page you can choose where it will display on your website.

  • with your mouse click the left button over the page name and hold it down.
  • You can drag the page to change it's order in the navigation.
  • You can even place it below another page to create a drop down in your navigation
  • Click "Save Changes"

-Try not to overwhelm your website's navigation with too many pages.
-Try creating a Blog for your website. For only $19 we can setup a Blog Portal for you to add Pages below creating your own Real Estate Blog. -This is a great way to always add new, fresh, and relevant content for your website. In turn this will help improve the overall SEO value of your site making it easier for potential leads to find your website on a Google or Yahoo search.