If you ever want to send a customer to a customized property search, we call this a Drill Down.
Vision makes it as easy to create your Custom Property Search Drill Down URL Links.

Lets get Started!

Step 1: Edit Website

  • Click on Website in the left hand navigation to open your Website for editing
  • This will open your site and add a dark grey bar across the top of your website with tools you can use to easily edit your website.

Step 2: Perform a Property Search

  • Visit the Property Search Page on your website
  • Perform a search just like any customer would. Make sure that you select all of the items that you want this link to display when a customer clicks on it.
  • Once you have performed your Search click on the Link button below the Search Summary. This will pop-up your custom URL that will send customers directly to the search you just performed.
  • Simply click on the copy link and now you are ready to add this Link to your Website.

Step 3: Add Property Search Link to your Website

There are 2 different ways to add this URL link to your website.

  • Add the Link to the Navigation
    • Return to your home page & Click on the Page Manager button in the header
    • Create a New Page
    • Click on Settings for the New Page
    • Name your Page anything you want to describe your new page
    • Add a Navigation Page Name to set how it will display in the navigation of your website
    • Finally, add paste the URL link you created into the Page URL section. If you cannot edit the Page URL make sure you check the checkbox to Override the Page URL.
    • Save the Page Settings & Save the Page Manager. You are doneAdd a Link to the body of any page
  • Add a Link into a Page
    • Navigate to the page on your website where you would like to place the search drill down link.
    • Click on the Start Editing button in the upper right hand corner.
    • Type the text on the page where you want the link to display.
    • Click on the Create link button in the toolbar to pop-up the link manager
    • Click Link to Another Site
    • Paste the URL for your property search drill down you copied earlier in the top box where it says "Add Website Address Here..."
    • Click on Save Changes to close the Link Manager. Be sure to Save the changes to the Page you just edited too. You are done
There are some specialized searches that can be made as well that are not typically available in the IDX Search. All you have to do is add some additional text to the URL generated when you created the custom Property Search Drill Down URL.

Supplemental Listings
Create a link to your Supplemental Non-MLS Listings by adding the below code to the end of the URL
  • &Supplemental=1

  • MLS ID
  • &vcAgentID=
  • &vcOfficeID=
      You need to enter your MLS Agent ID or MLS Office ID after the "=" in the url. Example: &vcAgentID=502018731
  • Status
    You can add the status to any specific search as well in case you want to show off your SOLD listings by adding one of the below codes to the end of the URL
  • &vcStatus=Active
  • &vcStatus=Pending
  • &vcStatus=Sold
      Not all MLS' make Pending and Sold data via the IDX feed. If you attempt to add a status that is not available within your MLS try adding this sold property to your supplemental listings and combine the Supplemental Listing with the Sold status code to display your sold data.