Adding a Video to your website is easier than you may think.

Lets get Started!

Step 1: Select your Video

  • Upload your video into YouTube or select a video already existing within YouTube
  • Copy the URL of the uploaded YouTube Video

Step 2: Create the Embed Code for your Video

  • Visit
  • Paste your YouTube Video's URL in the display area and click the Embed Button
  • Click on the Embed button
  • Now all you have to do is copy the Embed Code that displays below and you are ready to add your video to your website.

Step 3: Edit Website
  • Click on Website in the left hand navigation to open your Website for editing
  • This will open your site and add a dark grey bar across the top of your website with tools you can use to easily edit your website.

Step 4: Add Video to Website

  • Navigate to the page of your website that you wish to add a Video to
  • Click on the Blue Start Editing button in the upper right hand corner of your website to begin editing the page you are on.
  • Once you have located the page you wish to edit and clicked the start editing button you are ready to begin adding your video.
  • Choose where on your page you would like to add your Video. Type the text VIDEO HERE in that location.
  • Select the HTML in the page edit toolbar to open the HTML Code
  • Locate in the HTML Code the text VIDEO HERE. This is easiest if you do a find in your browser. (MAC Command F, Windows CTRL F)
  • Replace the VIDEO HERE text with the Embedded code you copied in Step 2. Simply paste the code over the text VIDEO HERE
  • Close the HTML and Save your changes

That’s it you are done. You have successfully added your Video! If you can master this edit then you can have the confidence that you could edit any part of your website.

  • Please note that if the Video you have embedded is ever taken offline on YouTube it will also no longer display on your website. So copying other people's video's may not be the best choice. It is always best to embed only the Videos that you have uploaded as you will have full control on if those Video's remain uploaded to
  • If the Video is displaying too large contact the Vision Answer Desk Team. We can assist you with the code for the Video to make it fit to the area you request for a one-time fee of $19